Launcher for the web.

Historie is like Spotlight but for the web. It suggests web pages based on your local browser history. It is super fast and completely private.

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Launch from any app.

Use the global hotkey, l to search your browser history from any context — no need to switch to your browser first.

Quickly insert URLs in text.

When you write text (an article, an email, etc.) and you want to insert a URL of a page you have visited, you can activate Historie (using the global hotkey), find the page, and hit cmd-c to copy its URL.


Similar to the omni bar in Chrome, you can select a website that has its own search and press tab to search there.

Private and respectful.

Historie is entirely self-contained. It doesn't create files on your device and it doesn't send requests to external servers except to check for updates and when you activate a license. The history items that Historie shows come from the database that your browser keeps. Historie doesn't keep a separate database.

Want to try it?

We have a beta version for macOS that we'd like to share with more people — request an invite to get on the waitlist.

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