Browser history at your fingertips.

Historie is a super fast way to search your browser history. It features a global hotkey that lets you activate it from any app and an instant search algorithm that shows you more relevant results in fewer keystrokes.

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app screenshot
global hotkey

Activate from anywhere.

Use the global hotkey, y to search your browser history from any context — no need to switch to your browser first.

instant results

Better results in fewer keystrokes.

Historie uses a cutting-edge search algorithm (that we originally wrote for our writing app, Nota) that finds more relevant results in fewer keystrokes:


Quickly insert URLs in text.

When you write a text (article, email, etc.) and you want to insert a URL of a page you have visited, you can activate Historie (using the global shortcut), find the page and hit cmd-c to copy its URL.


Cross-browser and cross-platform.

Historie beta (0.×.×) only works on Chromium-based browsers and macOS but it's built using cross-platform technologies that would allow us to add support for other browsers and platforms as the app matures.