How is Historie different to the omnibar in Chrome?

Here are some of the notable differences:

How does Historie know which websites I visited? You browser keeps a database of the URLs that you visit. Historie reads from that database. It doesn't create additional records. If you delete an item from your browser history it will also disappear from Historie.

How long do browsers keep history data? It depends on the browser. As of writing this, Google Chrome keeps history data for 90 days.

Why is the Historie download file so big? It's a simple app, shouldn't it be just a couple of megabytes? It should be. It's bigger because we use Electron to make the app work cross-platform.

Do Historie licenses expire? No. Licenses are perpetual. Your license should work now, in a year and in 10 years. It should also work with new versions of the app.

Does Historie support Firefox or Safari? At this point, Historie supports the Chromium-based browsers: Chrome, Brave, Opera and Vivaldi. Next on the roadmap are Firefox and Safari.

Is Historie available on Windows or Linux? We want to nail the app for macOS first. Once we do this, we can apply our learnings to build the Windows and Linux versions.

Why is l the default shortcut? It's L because browsers use l for "focus address bar" and it's because macOS uses for global commands like: "Lock Screen" ( q) and "Look Up in Dictionary" d